If you follow Western propaganda & our mainstream media you may have missed that Russia has a globally empowering spiritual foundation and their are developments happening in Russia that are leading the world (if you tell many of the elder Western generation this they will be shocked by your suggestion… the power of propaganda!)

Many Russian people have a heart based consciousness that recognises the illusion of duality or separation. Many of these Russian communities care for their neighbours and acknowledge the need to give & receive from one another.
There is education, culture and a knowledge of books that many consumer driven Western ways of thinking can only dream about…

This brings me to the Anastasia series of Ringing Cedars books which are a must read and especially a must read for children. I have heard it said that if you only read 1 book in your life make it the first Anastasia book in this series.
Millions of Russian people have read them as well as millions of Westerners and it has inspired numerous Eco communities to form in Russia based of self sustainability and shared community.
If you would like to view an entirely new model of education for children that nourishes their soul & spirit, while honouring them and engaging them fully (what a concept!) look no further than this Russian school explained at the end of this amazing video!

I thank you Russia for your gifts to our world at this time when you workable models & ideas are required to replace the multiple systems that no longer serve us…

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