Here is an interesting story about the fact that there is no separation and we are all ultimately always connected!

I had a beautiful friend at University. She was a beaming starchild with a smile that could light the darkest recesses of any space. Everyone loved her!

However when younger she had lived through a very traumatic life experience and her pure raw essence of light was also her vulnerability and her greatest challenge!
We were extremely close and I adored her but as happens in the unfolding of life we unfortunately lost contact over the years. I always wondered what happened to her then one day through a mutual friend who had chased up both of us independently … I was able to make contact with her again.

I was only able to write to her in texts through her mobile number though and she expressed that although she would love to meet up again she couldn’t…?
She explained that she suffered from very bad depression and wouldn’t be able to connect any further at this time…
Gradually her communications then tapered off and there were no more responses to my attempts to connect…even though she had expressed a great desire to reconnect.
Then around the same time her soul started connected with me on the other dimensions about once a week … in my dreams.

She has followed through with her intention to connect but because she is unable to do it in the physical she is now connecting on the other planes…she visits me once a week in my dreams and we catch up!

There is no separation. No duality. We are all connected. Sometimes in ways we never fully fathom…

Blessings everyone