I am wanting you to suspend judgement and be open to new ways of thinking. To be open to new paradigms when you read this story of mine today. We are so conditioned to think in a linear fashion which keeps our perspectives on life in a neat, little, constricted and limited box!

So where to begin?
I am currently doing a detox which I believe creates different states of awareness and as you will see I certainly believe it kicked in this time!

Last night I had a vivid dream that I was in a large, grassy paddock near where I grew up and there was a Zebra mother and her baby calf on one side of me, equi-distant to a female lion on the other side of me.
I was a grazing animal and although I could not see myself (as I was incarnated in this form) I feel I was a horse.
I have enormous empathy for animals so I am not surprised I was experiencing a vivid, life-like, multi dimensional reality as a horse. To me it makes perfect sense. I love animals.

For a split second fear rushed through my system. I had to make a life or death decision to run or to stay, as the lion had spotted me. I also felt on some inner level (maybe a karmic decision) I was protecting the beautiful baby zebra. Unfortunately I seemed to be frozen and couldn’t seem to move so I consciously decided I would strive to translocate. To beam myself out of my body. At a cellular level to dematerialise and relocate to safer territory.

As the lion was bounding toward me I felt a tingling happen and there was one of two things that happened at this moment. Either I managed to successfully remove my physical, equine body to another place in that precise moment before the huge cat pounced. Or alternatively I was jumped upon and eaten. I do not know which it was. However, I do know that it was not painful or difficult. It happened instantly and I was fine.

Apparently this is what happens when you transition at the moment of departure. It is seamless.
And this experience was what I awoke with, so real and life like it truly felt like it had happened. You know what? Maybe it actually did. Our reality means all timelines co-exist at once. There is no past, present or future. I do believe or feel that we live in many different selves and realities at once…the dream state being one of them. We are multi-dimensional beings living multi-dimensional realities, simultaneously.

As for being a horse… I will leave you with a surprise fact as there are no coincidences!
My original birth name in this lifetime means “lover of horses”!
True story!