When did you last create a space & no stress zone in your life?
What is this … you may ask?

This zone is one in which you minimise stress in every way possible … basically downing all tools for a period of time.
Maybe for you it means a holiday away but it may just mean being at home and stopping all work and everything that creates stress for you for a whole week!
Maybe if it helps you to relax and you Iove it -you may choose to lie around and spend the week listening to your favourite relaxing music…
It is making space in your life to be still or to do nothing or to just do activities which bring emptiness and space into your life!
The freedom and no stress zone of having NOTHING to do for a period of time!

Have you EVER done this?
I highly recommend it….
In fact in our busy and ordered and pre programmed existences it is actually very important to step off the treadmill and do this…
Often we naturally tend towards doing this unconsciously in winter time when our body encourages us to stay indoors and hibernate. I would ask you to now make this a conscious practice and give yourself permission to do this.

The levels of stress right now are very high for many people and high stress is the number one enemy of overall health in so many ways ( if not managed ) …
So tune into your body & mindset to see if you are in need of a SPACE & NO STRESS ZONE today and prioritise it ASAP
Blessings everyone
Medyhne 💖

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