If you are feeling frustrated, useless or like whatever you do is not working right now.

There is a valid reason for it. Please read on…

The new energies manifesting on this planet right now require new ways of functioning in the world.
So what people are finding right now is that when you strive to accomplish something using the old (often masculine functioning) methods you are met with a lack of success?
Does this sound like what you are experiencing right now?
If so you are certainly alone!

It feels frustrating & disempowering on many levels but we are being asked to go inward right now and manifest from the expanded space within…
When your efforts are met with what feels like failure …STOP… re- evaluate… know you are being tested to expand your paradigm of functioning in this new energy & new world.

Find a silent space within… centre yourself in your heart (not in your mind or mental body – that is the old energy) and let go ( surrender).

This is the more effective, new manifestation energy.
Pushing in the old way will get you possibly more frustrated and more doors will close…

It is now that we are required to be change agents… step into the flow and be mire adaptable than ever before.

No-one said this was easy but your soul chose to be here now … at this time on Earth and because of that you are inherently a Master Soul or you would not be here now!

Claim your “incredibleness” & let go of old ways …

You are not a victim of circumstance… you are not alone.

Everyone is being tested ( often to the max right now!)

Centre yourself in love … love is the frequency we are required to spread – there is no more important achievement than that

If this is all you do on the Earthly plane then you have done well

Blessings everyone
Medyhne 💖💚💜

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