There is a fantastic technique that contributes to overall health in a powerful way that a lot of people are unaware of. When we have a shower every day for our physical bodies did you know that you similarly should be doing an inner cleansing for your Energy Centres every day? Some people choose to do this technique morning & night because it makes such a difference to how we feel! If you are serious about general health & well being I strongly encourage you to learn these techniques.

Everyone has energy centres or Chakras in their body and each Chakra represents an aspect of your existence here on Earth. For example; your Sacral Chakra represents your ability to be creative and to express your feelings & emotions.

If any of these Energy Centres are not flowing or blocked it will firstly impact you on an auric & etheric level and as it becomes more severe can impact on your physical health, mental & emotional well being. At an extreme it can create serious illness.

When I work with clients I read the client’s Energy Centres and give them techniques to open and balance these Chakras.

Did you know there is one smaller Chakra that you need to close regularly or it can contribute to pain in the body?

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