Grounding your energy is so essential. Particularly in the Western Culture in which we live.
So many things disconnect us from Mother Earth and the electrical circuit that connects us to our literal roots!
Our shoes wth rubber soles disconnect us and our offices are perched in cities surrounded by concrete.
Then apart from that there is the human trait of energetically going upward to avoid pain, fear or negativity. Then as our energy soars upward to escape the pain of a life challenge we unground, disconnect from the planet, from ourselves and a major source of our power, which is our connection to Mother Earth and the natural world.

1. How often do you take your shoes off and touch the Earth with your bare feet? Sometimes this is not practical in Winter months when it is cold & I understand that…
Do you regularly put your grounding cord from your base Chakra in to connect with the Core of the Earth?
Or grounding roots emanating from your feet like a huge tree?

2. Do you show gratitude and thank Mother Earth daily for her incredible & bountiful gifts?

3. Another tip is to research Earthing or Grounding shoes and sheets? (not recommended if you have Thyroid issues).
These special sheets actually help your physical body tap into the essential electrical field of Gaia and for the duration of your sleep be immersed this grounding energy.
You can imagine the benefits that this entails?

If you would like to work on this or anything else with me please contact me via an appointment on my Contact page.
When you honour yourself in this way your life reflects it back to you with an amazing LIFE!
You are so worth it!
Namaste everyone
Medyhne XXX