This week has been a downloading of high vibrational light, planetary healing & energy on STEROIDS.
Were you unusually tired this week?
I was … I had 2 days of feeling utterly exhausted (& an amazing week too!) through picking up the global shifting that is happening.
My whole body was vibrating & calibrating with the download I was receiving.
There were global Spiritual workers dedicated, from approx the 13th Aug to the 16th Aug 2018, (which are auspicious dates every year) to bringing through the highest frequencies of light and healing to the planet that could possibly be integrated including bringing through the “Consciousness Codes” for the New Generation & the Generation of Milleniels (wrong spelling!)- which is HUGE!

Simultaneously, we’re also noticing globally, that there are some very dark and disturbing posts & stories arising about all the miscreational energies is that are present on this planet. These forces have always been here but it is now we that we are starting to see them come to the surface. This is a good thing because you cannot change something when it is hidden away. We need to be aware of… and see the dark before we can transmute it.

DO NOT LET the awarenesses of all this dark & heavy information that we are seeing more & more lead you to thinking that our planet is becoming worse.
Please do not succumb or sink into DESPAIR!
That truth is that more and more accelerated frequencies of light and Ascension energy are flooding us every day. So much so that we could not integrate anything more than what we are currently receiving.

Please stay connected to the light.
Surround yourself in it daily, hourly, moment by moment.

Keep your own frequency high and loving and as joyful as you possibly can. And knowing in your heart that this planet you have chosen to experience at this time means that you are a Master of Manifestation here to create the new Aquarian Age that we will all be enjoying in the not too distant future.
The truth is that this shift is exceeding our expectations. And there is cause to celebrate although in the physical realm (the last realm to anchor these shifts) we can not see the outcome yet.

Namaste & unconditional love to all … especially the unaware & miscreant energies on this planet who require love being sent to them more than ever so they can let go of their fight against it… know what love is and do better…

Medyhne XXXX

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