When I ask the question “How best can I support my community?”
I think of the next generation of our children who are our ‘hope for the future of this planet’.
So I created a Project to help, support & empower them.


Kids Wellness Project

These 3 books written by Medyhne Lebachen (previously published local Author & internationally published Singer/ Song-writer)
help build essential Life Skills in young children to build a strong inner foundation in the three major areas of mental health, emotional wellbeing & self love.
Each of these empowering books will be donated (in victory) to local libraries, schools & Kindergartens etc…
They address all these issues…
         – “Millity Moppitt’s Marvellous Moods” is a book about exploring, understanding & expressing emotions.
–  Children can act it out!
–  Great for parents & teachers to help kids express & explain their feelings
–   the illustrations are beautiful & engagingly honest
- “The Grumble Grub” is a book teaching children how to have positive & empowered mindsets 
- It explains how & why there is a need to master the quality of your thoughts (in children’s terms) 
- stunning illustrations will be done by popular local Artist Tahlia Stanton

- “Tale Of The Crown” is a book teaching children to love who you are & self worth 
- the story is a metaphor for the importance of loving your self
- the illustrations by a Korean Artist are stunning & magical
This Project includes
-an animated film teaching children that happiness & wisdom comes from looking within.

-an engaging drama presentation in local Schools, Libraries & Early Childhood & Community Centres about these mental health & emotional Well-being issues.

This will also incorporate the outstanding artwork from a multiple award winning  local artist Tahlia Stanton.
This initiative also synchronises with the impending opening of Medyhne Lebachen’s Well-being Space in Clunes called “Freedom Light Collective” (opp IGA)
which will be focusing on providing Sessions & Classes on all aspects of Wellness (for children & adults).
This Project is in collaboration with the fantastic Publishing House “Alys Books” – thank you Aly Walsch for your inspired involvement also!

In addition this project has the combined support of important local community & community groups such as;
Clunes Neighbourhood House is a Project Partner of this initiative
Creative Clunes the wonderful community body which manifests our Internationally renowned Booktown also supports this project.
Here they pledge their support below* for this innovative & constructive Community project:

SO IN SUMMARY … please vote!!!


Kids Wellness Project

or go to www.pickmyproject.com & select Clunes Victoria to find this project (look for accompanying image) …register your details & receive a confirmation email!

Here is a letter from Creative Clunes (Clunes International Booktown Organisers)…
*Creative Clunes Inc pledge our strong support for the application from Medyhne Lebachen for the:-
We firmly believe that this initiative will greatly enhance the learning and emotional health environment for local early childhood participants,
parents and community in general, thus making this Region a better place to live for all.
As a Creative Body we also acknowledge that these three books are great creative achievements in terms of not only their visual appeal but the profound and empowering content of the writing – teaching young children essential foundations for strong mental and emotional health, as well as adding to the Arts and Culture element of our local region, utilising the proven skills of a successful and previously published local Author and Wellness Life Coach, Medyhne Lebachen.
We also can identify that in this region there has been a demand for a focus on Early Childhood initiatives that address these important topics relating to Early Childhood Wellness.
As Clunes is a regional area which is slightly cut off from larger population areas these types of local community health and wellness initiatives are
intrinsic to the quality of a regional living experience for children and their parents.
As such we write this letter to strongly encourage the funding Body to support this project and are very excited to see it unfold for this wonderful regional Community.
Warm regards
Richard Mackay-Scollay CEO
Creative Clunes Inc