I was lying in bed last night thinking about an incredible love story between to people I know (or knew!)

It is so adorable it is almost too good to be true!
Yet it is true.
See what you think…

When I was in Grade 4 at Primary School a new girl arrived at our School & was put in my Class. She was pretty, very assured and perky with cute dimples & loved to dance! I won’t share names because I haven’t got their permission!

I am sure most of the young boys were quite taken with her but a certain fellow with freckles and a great penchant for joking & laughter took a particular shine to her & they began ‘dating’! I think we called it ‘going together’in those days!

It emerged that many years later when I was around 17 yrs of age (just a few years ago …ahem!) they had continued to date and were considering getting married!

They naysayers would declare “Oh young love …it will never last”. However, after discovering this Primary School’s site on Facebook one year ago (thanks to my Primary School chum Cindy – go Cindy!) it emerged that not only did they marry but they have been happily devoted to one another ever since while having a family together. Then last time I saw him post on here recently the same freckle- faced memory of a boy, was still waxing lyrical about his wife and how she hadn’t changed and how wonderful she is!

Oh … can you believe it?

The love for my partner continues to grow but I hope we may we all have the opportunity to feel the longevity of this love.

What a sweet & inspiring love story that never seems to end… sigh!

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