It constantly surprises me that people do not choose to do inner work on themselves because if you do not do the necessary inner work to evolve & grow as a soul then your world will become more challenging & you will be forced to do it.
This may be a health issue that arises, financial struggles or a confronting life situation but it is always advisable to mindfully choose to develop yourself spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally.
Of course it is easier to take the road of avoidance and denial but I can assure you that somewhere it will catch up with you…
I will admit that I didn’t fully embrace the path of purifying and refining my diet to the extent that I needed to and of course it does catch up… right now I have to be super strict with everything I ingest as a consequence.

Nobody is perfect. We do need to cut ourselves some slack. However, just floating along with your life and not actively pursuing the path of growing on many levels, is not something that is advisable in the energy of today.
The downloading of light and Ascension energy is pushing us forward in a way like never before. Everyone is feeling it. People are wondering why they are so tired. People are feeling deep, unhealed patterns and programs and emotions rise up from the depths of their being. And then feel overwhelmed. Why not choose to work on all these things prior so that you do not have to go through such challenging circumstances…

If you are guided to contact me (see Contact page) and do this inner & Divinely guided foundation work with me please do … I would encourage everyone to be working on themselves somehow on a core, foundational level because otherwise you will find that life becomes a heavier road to tread every day. Just like wading through quicksand.

A few people have said lately “I would love to work with you but have challenges paying for it” so I have purposely offered a Special Discount for the coming week of $80 for a 1 Hr Online Life Transformation Session from 11th – 18th November, 2018. To give people an opportunity to get going on this crucial work on themselves.
If not now you will need to do this work somewhere along the line… & in some way. I do not think the work will become easier through avoidance. No. In fact, better that it is your conscious choice to do it rather than be pushed by your Soul thru a life experience that nudges you painfully forward.
The truth is we are here to experience joy and to live lives of pleasure and then show others how to do this.
This is my message for all awakened Souls today!
If they choose to hear it…
Namaste in love,