It is extremely helpful to have an awareness of some past lives because often these past lives impact you in your current life.
Some of the unhealed aspects and the wounding can create problems and patterns of behaviour in your current life (stemming from your unconscious) that you do not understand and therefore can be very difficult to heal and transmute.
When you have a conscious awareness of why a behaviour is there it is much easier to heal it, release it and let it go.
And example of this may be a phobia in your current lifetime, which creates emotional reactions and fear at a deep level Creating irrational disturbance in your life. This phobia maybe a cellular memory on a soul level whereby you were experiencing pain or trauma that has been unhealed for many lifetimes and so you still carry the emotional reaction.

I went to speak at a Meditation Group where all the participants knew each other well having spent many weeks together exploring their inner lives & feelings through Meditation. I arrived not having met any of them before and I brought one lady up to the front to work with me & her past life came up strongly. I went inward and discovered that she had a phobia & fear of crocodiles due to the fact that she had been a young aboriginal boy a few lifetimes before and had met her demise by being eaten by a crocodile. The group of women were blown away– all thoroughly mesmerised by the fact that they had all known she had a fear of crocodiles except me and everyone in the group made bookings for past life session with me after this experience.

I myself have the soul memory of a past life which really encourages and benefits me now in this lifetime. There is also a interesting synchronicity with this information. Approximately 15 years ago I bought through in a meditation the name Medyhne ( as my new name) not knowing anything about the name. I subsequently found out after I adopted it that in one of the North American Indian dialects the name Medyhne means Medicine Woman. I have a very strong cellular memory of being a Medicine Woman in a North American Indian tribe. It was a beautiful life and we used to gather together around the fire at night singing & dancing and it was a very collaborative and communal existence with family and extended family and loved ones, surrounding me. It reminds me also of my innate, inherent abilities as a healer that have been within me for many lifetimes, on a soul level.
No wonder I used to always barrack for the Indians in the cowboy and Indian movies I watched as a child & would get really annoyed when anything happened to the Indian people in the movie!

So if this resonates with you please contact me.┬áLet’s see how your past lives relate to you in this current lifetime. In other words, how these lifetimes impact on you now.

There are multiple testimonials here on my website & you can contact me via my Contact page where you can make an appointment for a 45 Min chat.

Blessings for a beautiful journey in this lifetime & may you embrace the positive aspects of your past life experiences…