They say 2019 is about freedom & new beginnings. It is not an accident that my new Wellness Space is called Freedom Light Collective. It may well be that 2019 is a year to release all our belief systems and fixed ways of thinking. The reality we know is purely & only based on our own internal framework of understanding. So in truth our realities are all 100% subjective & based purely on illusion.
At a higher level we are all being encouraged to surrender our fixed mindsets, attachments & ego.
It is possible that for many people our whole way of perceiving the world will be challenged. What we thought was true is no longer true. We are asked at a Soul level to redefine EVERYTHING! This is good. We can do this!!!!
Surrender your old paradigms.

We live in a world of mirrors where the truth is often opposite of the story we are fed by Society. An example of this may be the 61,000 indictments just issued in the US to it’s citizens (many ‘leaders’) who have been functioning according to hidden & corrupt agendas. Meanwhile, the Media is striving to push it’s fixed agendas for the ones in current Power & the entire status quo could all shift at any given moment.

Stay centred, maintain love, focus on your internal state. This is your power.
May 2019 be a gift for you to experience freedom , empowerment & an upgrade in your Soul peace, love & joy.
Every time you emanate from a Soul centred state of this nature you impact our Earth & humanity in untold ways beyond your comprehension…
We are one field- one consciousness- experiencing all states & about to upgrade our past knowing…
I love you all in Oneness

If you would like to do a life changing & world changing Life Transformation 3 Month Package in 2019 please contact me via my Contact page.