If you have read the “Anastasia” Ring of Cedars series of books you will have noticed how Anastasia talks about when nature interacts with us, & an ant crawls on us or a mosquito bites us, for example, they are tapping into the Universal field of Knowledge & Oneness. In some way their interaction with us is a way to support our Well-being or growth. It is a benevolent force. 

In Western Culture we are often so disconnected from nature & this truth that nature & it’s powerful forces, are interpreted through a fearful & unfamiliar lens of understanding. We fear it!

Here is a true story that just happened recently illustrating how nature works in it’s inherent wisdom to help us.

A dear friend of my partner called Adrian, recently had a mini stroke. Also called Bells Palsy, which paralysed the side of his face. He was achieving limited healing or progress when he went out surfing with his mate, the Aussie Surfing Champion, Mick Fanning. It wasn’t really a recommended activity considering his condition but he could not resist. As he loves surfing so much! 

All of a sudden as they were in the waves a Blue Bottle Jellyfish appeared from out of the depths and stung the exact side of Adrian’s face where the Bells Palsy had numbed it. Right under the eye lid. What were the chances of this happening. Perfectly positioned where it had previously been affected. 

Mick made a joke about the Stinger to his friend & Adrian replied,

“That’s nothing mate… you were nearly eaten by a Shark!” 

This was a true story & recently on the news! (google Headline “Mick Fanning Escapes Shark Attack in Open Event in South Africa!”)

So the miracle of nature, which could also be perceived as the Divine universal wisdom of nature helping & supporting humanity, was that this Stinger re-activated all the muscles & skin in this side of his face, resulting in incredible healing. The electrical & energetic impact on his condition was exactly what he needed to help restore his face & body to health.


Incredible synchronicity?

Pure miracle?

I think not. In my understanding, nature is a powerful expression of the Divine Universal field of All-Knowing. 

We are being asked to re-remember this ancient knowledge. 

To re-connect with our inner roots. Mother Earth or Gaia & all it’s inhabitants, are integral to our full empowerment as a part of this incredible Divine field of Knowledge & All-that-is!


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