Time For An Honest Life Inventory Of What Supports YOU!

“The energies now are such that they will no longer support anything that is not in authenticity.
If you have something in your life that jars with your energy & feels uneasy you will now find it harder & harder to support it & to function.
The Universe is supporting our true purpose. Our true joy & authenticity.
Therefore any RELATIONSHIP… JOB… SITUATION… that does not magnify your life-force & truth will become more difficult. The resistance will feel greater.

An example of this is the global arising of conflict within family structures. It is becoming more obvious & magnified. If you have a situation where family members basically are not in energetic alignment, the differences are now becoming more obvious. It is not enough to be connected in family just because you are birth family. There is a need to feel some energetic connection or shared resonance otherwise these structures will become much harder to support.

Healthy boundaries are now required more than ever! Self honouring is now necessary because the polarity of energy is becoming more pronounced. It is also important to stay mindful that judgement is not a part of this. Staying centred in love & forgiveness while we create a life that supports the smooth & flowing non-resistance of a happy life is the order of the day!

Where do you meet resistance in your life?
A Partner? A Job? A family member?
If this resistance is an ongoing, pronounced challenge that has been building over a long period now is the time to take action. What do you need to do dissolve the resistance & allow for a smooth life flow? Sometimes it is necessary to separate our energy from what no longer supports us before the resistance becomes so difficult that is creates major obstacles in our life.
For example; when people do not integrate the need for creating change when our Soul is yearning for it sometimes the Physical Body will create an illness or condition so we can no longer ignore or avoid the issue that we are being asked to address…
You do not want to get to this point!
Our body, afterall, is working in conjunction with our Highest good to help us…

So I ask you today to do an honest appraisal or inventory of your life.
Stop the rush of life. Sit mindfully still & see what arises in your consciousness. Ask your Higher Self to communicate it’s truth. You are worth it. The influx of High frequency energy washing over us all & upgrading this planet, will support you & your ultimate growth.
Please trust this process.
The TIME is NOW!”

Above is a timely message brought through from the Angelic Realms.

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