As we approach Valentines Day it occurs to me to ask,
“How do the genders relate today in our current Society structure?”

Despite the obvious differences, is there a tendency toward males & females to be open from a heart base of love & understanding, not based on partner relationships or sex?
Or is there an inner mistrust or division based on separate gender based ways of perceiving the World?
I can only speak for Australia, the country in which I grew up, when I say that unfortunately, I sense the latter.

Somehow as human beings have approached this point in their evolution, I would argue that an innate lack of trust & empathy between genders exists.
In general, there is an inability to view the other gender from a pure pathway of unconditional love & heart based communication. Both genders often feel misunderstood & mistakenly perceived.
I see this in the world around me & I strive to go against the tide in the example I often witness.

I am not even discussing partner relationships here but the general relations between people of the two sexes.*

Why does this exist?
Is it a legacy of our history where women have been burned at the stake for fifteen generations as females?
Is it a legacy of men who have through the annals of time been seduced & broken hearted losing themselves in deepest emotions of lost love & the powerful emotional challenges that come with this?
Who can say for sure … Maybe it is based on the powerful controlling forces who have throughout history encouraged gender disharmony & conflict, as a way to disempower the masses.

Whatever the cause… whatever the foundation for it … I would argue it still exists.
However, if we are to move forward toward a new, more loving planet with a more evolved Society not based on Separation, then it is time for us all to acknowledge & recognise that this still exists.
Now is the time to dissolve these gender barriers.

When we realise that it is only in this lifetime we have chosen to adopt a certain gender then we perceive things differently.
For so many of us we have been both genders in innumerable lifetimes.
On top of that we have an inner Masculine Self & an inner Feminine Self & our own relationship with the opposite gender will usually mirror this inner relationship with have with these Selves.

I would suggest that a powerful way forward in all our external relationships is to familiarise yourself with these relationships on the inner. Then truthfully acknowledge to Self how your external relationships reflect these dynamics.
This is the first step…

To recognise that if there is a fear dynamic within Self then this can play out in our external relationships also. Remembering that there are essentially two polarities; love & fear. If we are in the emotion of fear then we cannot be in love. And visa versa.

The relations between Australian males & females require a Rebirth in love & forgiveness.
A rebirth in open hearted non judgement.
In empathy.
In the ability to honour one another’s differences.
When a person relates from a pure base of open hearted kindness (& I am talking about from a non sexual standpoint which is not based on any vested interest) then straight away another Soul will feel the open hearted purity of this & respond in kind.
This is the ideal foundation for pure & untainted gender relations.
Can we all relate to one another in this way?
Not based on Race… or Soci-economic differences … or Age… or how we look (how attractive we are) or based on gender?
This then is the new fairytale world we all want to reside in.
Then it won’t be a fairytale but a beautiful new reality.
A world where the integrity of the Soul is the ONLY true measure.

What do you think?
Please leave a comment below … 🙂

*If you are in an abusive relationship on any level I strongly encourage you to seek help & support outside yourself such as Lifeline or similar Helpful Resources in your Community.

(If you would like to work on your Relationship with Self or Others please check out my 4 Week Package for Relationships in Services & transform your quality of life.)