Any time you feel stuck in your life repeating cycles or not feeling like you are able to progress forward it is a sign you are needing to do some work on the inner.

If you know how to do this inner work I encourage you to be committed to this process in an ongoing way…

This inner work will reap dividends in all aspects of your outer world.
For example; I had a client this week who has given me permission to mention that she felt stuck in moving forward with her Higher Calling.
When I tune into a person’s energy & work with Divine guidance we never know exactly what will be required to be worked on…
I also work by surrounding you in a beautiful Temple Space working with energies of a whole range of Ascended Masters & even Dolphin Temple energies…

So when we went in & looked at her Energy field it transpired that the relationship she had had with both her parents (who had passed) was unresolved in some aspects. In order to move forward in her life & improving the quality of her life she needed to go in & do work on healing & resolving the blocks & emotionally ‘stuck’ areas.
The Session she had was extremely powerful.
We could feel the Energetic clearing happening & the Energy Shifts & there was much emotional release.
This led to some other inner work in the Session, clearing Ancestral lines. This is incredibly important because it is on the Earthly plane that we can ask for Divine forgiveness on our Ancestor’s behalf and have it granted.

When you think about Divine forgiveness for our entire family lineage, a restructuring of the Ancestral timeline & a healing of Ancestral Karma you can begin to feel the magnitude & scope of this work. And the touching emotion & gratitude that is also palpable when you complete it.
Wow! What an honour to be involved in this magnificent Divinely guided work.

This client (while also committed to doing more inner work & sessions with me) went home feeling a rebirth of energy.
She felt an inner restructuring that is going to greatly restructure the outer reflection of her external reality.
Her eyes shone with a new LIGHT.
I look forward to watching this empowering transformation toward the Highest expression of her Self in this lifetime.
This is the power of these Sessions.

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I can also work with loved ones from a distance with their Higher permission.
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