Eye gazing is beautiful, at times challenging, powerful & real…

I am finally finding an opportunity to write about our Eye Gazing / Healing Day.

Firstly I was so surprised at how many people were able to see the past lives scrolling through in the faces of the people they were gazing at!

One lovely lady who did not know me at all, sat down and very quickly expressed that she was seeing my past life incarnation as a Native American Indian Medicine Woman & I told her that this was a very clearly remembered past life of mine (which I loved!) and that my name ‘Medyhne’ actually means Medicine Woman in that dialect.

Many fascinating things happened like this…

There was the confirmation that we tap into Unity Consciousness ( the Universal Grid… some would call it synchronicity) when we eye gaze. One lady had just started to think about someone important in her life by the name of Daniel and at that exact time across the Street a lady called out extremely loudly โ€œDanielโ€.

She jumped & gasped โ€œOOOhhh!!!โ€ & told me her thoughts had matched the external timing of this.


Then there were the emotional layers & levels which arise with Eye Gazing.

Many people had spontaneous tears come up & released layers of hidden emotion. Even while coming into the experience feeling great! There was a depth of connection in this that is missing from the world we live in! I know I experienced this profoundly.

I left the Event & personally missed this experience the minute I arrived home although I will admit after eye gazing with a lot of Souls, I did feel very tired! (probably everything I was processing from within!)

So as a consequence of these amazing results- I am proposing an Eye Gazing night at Freedom Light Collective in Clunes once a month for two hours starting Thursday 14th March at 6.30 pm. You will allow yourself to experience inner healing which leads to inner peace. Let me know if you would like to join us & I will put you on the Monthly list.

Let’s keep this incredible practice going… please join us.

Many of these brave Souls came on the day to test themselves, face (no pun intended!) their faces & were deeply rewarded through doing this!

If you are interested in my Self Growth Course & Transformation Work please contact me.

Love & blessings everyone…

Medyhne ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜˜