Is really helpful to know that on March 21st (tomorrow – also a Full Moon) it has been predicted that there will be quite a profound download of high-frequency energy surrounding the planet. Some people have called this the ‘Solar flash’ of ‘Solar flare’ of the Equinox.

I don’t know if you have been feeling this energy?
What I can say from my own experience is that I have been feeling it now for about three days very strongly and that I was receiving pulsing at the cellular level which can be described as a recalibrating of the Cells & DNA as we integrate a cellular shift.
The potential symptoms for this energetic event are ;- tiredness, heaviness, various aches and pains, a feeling of anything that’s unresolved or unhealed from within (shadow self also) coming to the surface to be transmuted … just to name a few.
If you’re feeling this now you’re not alone.
So be really kind to yourself and nurturing especially on the 21st. Ultimately this is a great gift for humanity and the planet and it may be something that is a subtle shift that you don’t notice too much or it may be a more profound energetic shift that you feel strongly.

If you require a Session for your Support & overall Well-being at this time please contact me.
We are taught to be self sufficient in this Society & often do not receive the nurturing & support from others when we need it because we are not taught to ask.
Being able to receive must be reciprocal with giving … if you are to maintain a healthy balance in your energy.
It is an ideal time to honour self right now & get plenty of sleep & drink plenty of filtered water.
I hope you enjoy this incredible time we are experiencing now.