I am in AWE of these times we are experiencing right now!
The unprecedented acceleration & amplification of healing is beyond words.
Did you dream anything last night?
I was shown that the deepest subconscious & unconscious fears & Shadow self that we are healing was targeted last night to be transmuted.
The gifts from above keep coming…

If you dreamt of a most challenging life issue last night be assured that serious inner work was being triggered to lighten your load and help you move forward in your shift toward the Light & Higher dimensional realities.

WOW! It is so palpable.
This happened also to me last night & then finished with a ‘beyond inspiring’ download of creative guidance about what to bring forth on the Planet through my energy!
Do not buy into the old ‘3D paradigm fears’ that the Earth is unsalvageable!
That we are on a ticket to nowhere fast!
Nothing could be further from the truth when you consider what an Event like last night will mean on a collective, global human level.

These are MORE than powerful times.
Let’s join our hearts in gratitude & love for the awesome shifts we are experiencing.

If you would like to do any profound inner work such as my Personal Development Course or Spirituality Course please contact me and we can chat about your needs. Contact me & together we clear away all the old story (& de-story or destroy) that which no longer serves you & is not in alignment with this new energy lifting us all up to greater & greater heights.