Mother’s Day Message

Parenting is viewed differently in the light of maturity & a few rungs on the ladder…
I used to think that great parenting was being unconditionally loving & supportive of one’s progeny.

Instead I now think that great parenting is the ability to encourage our children to follow their true path & their authentic self.

So many parents believe that pushing their child in a certain direction that is based on their own opinions or bringing up children that think or behave in a way that copies or is in alignment with their own parent …is the goal of parenting.

Nope … disagree entirely!

Obviously we want our children to be constructive & productive members of the Human race however we are not here to require them to be like their own parents. That is their choice. It is the role of a great parent to support the flowering of their true core which may well be in conflict with what the parent believes to be appropriate!
As a parent this is far from easy! But who on Earth ever said that parenting was easy!
Climbing Mt Everest may well be an easier gig!

What are your thoughts?

Love to all the Mums out there & parents who hear the call for Evolved Parenting Paradigms that are more than ever needed as this World transforms in front of us with accelerated pace.
You all deserve a big HUG! (at the very least) …
Love Medyhne

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