Socially Ingrained in Australian Culture

There is no other drug so widely embraced in the social fabric of Australia as Alcohol.
It is socially acceptable to drink beyond moderation in this Country and has been encouraged as Social Elixir. It is considered to help break down Social barriers like shyness & social awkwardness. It is considered even to be unsociable in some circles not to partake in joining others with a drink (or many!)
Young Secondary School children are often considered ‘cool’ to be consuming it!
In essence, alcohol is inextricably linked to the culture & structure of our society.

So let’s examine alcohol from a metaphysical perspective.
In truth, alcohol is a depressant.
It has the ability to make people drop down in their mood.
Furthermore it creates aggression & moodiness in people who have that innate predisposition because it breaks down inhibitions.

When you sleep normally your astral body leaves your physical body and goes travelling in other realms. However, when you drink alcohol your Astral Body is anchored into your physical body with the density of the alcohol you have consumed. As such, you often don’t feel properly rested when you sleep, after drinking it.
It is so ironic that alcohol is called ‘Spirits’ because it anchors our Spirit to the density of the Physical realm therefore, severely limiting the true Spirit within.
It confines the Spirit to the denser realms!

It would be an excellent vehicle to employ to disempower a human being in this way! If there were certain elements in our World who were choosing to control and limit our true, inherently Divine, Spiritual gifts (just saying!)

Alcohol is a poison with shuts down the need to eat or the hunger urge. So the person drinking chooses not to intake necessary nutrients into their body. Combined with the lack of nutrients & the effects of the Bio-chemical impact of this poison in the System then alcohol is a doubly dangerous substance.
Remembering our bodies are finely tuned Etheric, Astral, Electrical, Energetic & Physical Aspects then you can only guess what the true impact alcohol is having on the overall System.

I was always aware of these factors and never understood how human beings could drink so profusely given the holistic effects of this habit.
I do understand that there is the addictive nature of the drink (emotionally, mentally, chemically etc) which at a chemical level induces certain addictive behaviours however it is so widespread throughout all ages & demographics that I ask for people to really examine this Societal predisposition & not just accept it without considering the profound consequences (on so many levels).

I am not striving to sound evangelical here …just asking for people to look at this Societal co-dependance on alcohol as a factor that requires deep consideration & the ability to objectively understand the result of such a powerful compulsion.

Maybe it is now finally time to re-evaluate our Collective Consciousness, in this most normal of behaviours?

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