When we incarnate we choose what it is that we are required to learn most for our own evolution.
In tandem with this there are 2 major spiritual learnings that we often bump into along our path.
I can say that in my life I am not an Expert by any means & I still have a way to go with the Mastery of so many areas. Yet I feel I am making progress slowly but surely & have definitely been tested in a major way in the realm of the first teaching. The first step is to be aware of them & then we can work with them to enhance the learning that we ourselves, have chosen to learn.

If we look at our life from these 2 perspectives we can often see these teachings in action.
So what are these 2 Major Life Hacks which when you master, will be profound for your Soul on so many levels.
These 2 concepts are also interconnected and although they are different they may also be perceived as the same learning.

Non Attachment :

One of the greatest spiritual lessons is to surrender our Ego & Let Go of our need to control & be in charge. Some people use the phrase “Let Go & Let God”.
This test will therefore, often come in the form of being asked to surrender in some form our greatest attachments in life. This is a Buddhist Principle also.
When we’re asked to surrender our attachments it allows us to step into higher frequency of trust in the Divine or in something Higher than ourselves. We may also reach the vibration & State of Grace when we allow ourselves to do this. For example if you are greatly attached to material possessions you may find yourself in the life situation where you are asked to release and let go of your attachment to material things.

Inner Discernment :

Do you often find your Inner Voice or your Intuition strives to tell you something to guide you in a certain direction and you just don’t listen? You are not alone …many people report doing this.
Again it is similar to the above learning because we are learning to let go of Ego (the Mind Self) and trust our Higher Self. This is our innate Universal Divine knowledge which is part of the one consciousness of All That Is. When we learn to operate in our life from this in a place of true knowledge and discernment, then we find it everything flows so much better. This is often more than a lifetime practice and in a world where there is so much increasing information it benefits us greatly to be able to quickly gauge what information is true and what information is false.

Where in your life are you being tested in these two areas? I am willing to bet that if you examine your life closely you are being compelled to work with at least one of these in some way.
May your journey be one of Ease, Joy & Peace.
Medyhne X

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