The Power Of Colour Therapy

I had a dream last night that the iridescent colours of blue & green were working with my energy field.
Blue for building communication skills & green to open and expand my Heart Chakra in Unconditional Divine love.
Do you work mindfully with Colours to improve the quality of your life?
Colours represent a vibration or frequency which when placed in our energy field can create profound shifts & change. In the same way that sound frequencies can also create a major impact on overall heath.

Even as Albert Einstein quoted:
“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality…”

So if you work with Colours in a conscious way you can make great forward progress in your life.
An Ascended Master like for example; Jesus Christ had a perfect blend of the Colours in his Aura to create White. This emanated as a White Halo (often seen around his Crown Chakra) which is the perfect & balanced blend of all the Chakras & Energy Centres.

So let’s say you are low in energy… which colour would enhance your day?
Red because it stimulates, opens & balances the flow in your Base Chakra (Energy Centre). You can spin the colour pin there regularly & you can also bring in this Vibration in a multiplicity of other ways. You can eat red (natural) foods like strawberries or raspberries. You can put on Essential Oil with a Red base or place some drops in a bath. You can place more of this colour in your home environment or on clothes your Body. Scarves are a great alternative or socks!
You can bring beautiful flowers of this colour into your home!
There are so many ways to focus your attention on this required Colour frequency!

In summary, I recommend you mindfully bring in the Colours you need into your life.
If you would like a personal Session with me where I can energetically read your Chakras & give your prescription for your overall Energy Body health then please contact me via my website on the Contact page. I will also be having a Chakra Weekend with Free Talks & Free Handouts on Chakras at Freedom Light Collective – my Wellness Space in Clunes.
If inspired to learn more please contact me for more details there.

Colour therapy is a wonderful, gentle way to work on Personal Growth & Self Evolution.
You will love it!!!