As we near the end of 2019 anything that is not in alignment becomes more pronounced.

If you are in relationship that is not in resonance with your energy you may find you are really struggling.

This also applies for all our relationships in general.

This is the time before we go into the new & fresh energy of 2020 by ‘cleaning out the cupboard’ of anything which no longer serves us. 

It is 2020 that will give us increased clarity (20/20 Vision) & balance in our lives moving forward. 

If you are stuck in a relationship that feels misaligned, does not honour you or feels heavy or miserable, it is now time to take stock.

It will be really hard to avoid the ‘elephant’ in the room right now.

Chances are you have tried to do everything you can to persist in your relationship, walking in hope of the relationship magically improving.

Human Beings are highly resistant to change & will do whatever they can to maintain the Status Quo. Sometimes it is the best thing to separate your energies and become clear in your own energy field & identity. 

How does it feel to be in your own Space again?

This time in your own energy can be very beneficial to gain clarity about what you really want & need.

If two people are destined to be together then nothing can keep them apart & time apart will be a healthy opportunity for the two to work on themselves separately & come back together as a stronger whole.

Conversely time apart can also bring clarity that energies are too discordant & not able to align further.

Sometimes one partner has chosen the route of Self Growth & Soul Evolution & the other has chosen to remain stagnant. This is a conscious choice on both parts. This can therefore be non sustainable long term, as energy becomes more discordant & polarised. 

Often when people finally gain the courage & strength to leave a relationship that is not working they come to the realisation that they would have benefitted more from leaving the relationship earlier, but had hung in until the last gasp!

This, however, is life. The only thing we can ever be truly be sure of is CHANGE is inevitable.

It is helpful to remember to honour both choices by recognising that it is the most positive option to allow energies to naturally diverge if they are on a different track (just as oil & water do when poured together!) The same for people who are in our lives also.

Obviously when families are involved it is our greatest wish for partners to stay together & for families to remain intact. However, there is no point in persisting when both parties are continually forcing a non sustainable situation. In this case it is very helpful just to think of it as demagnetising & depolarising energy fields. As we are all made up of energy. Just as Einstein & Nicola Tesla both espoused so strongly.

So if you are finding this issue arising for you please consider an Online Session with me to work on all aspects of this situation from a Higher, metaphysical & energetic standpoint.

This is definitely the time of year before 2020 to take positive steps forward to create the right foundation for your Highest good in 2020 to be served.

When you are happy & supported in your partner relationship – you just know it!

It feels great & I wish this for everyone.

Strength, love & blessings on your path to do what aligns with your greatest, most authentic happiness 

Medyhne X