How often do we celebrate the NOW moment?

How often do we love & accept the life we are in NOW?

Admittedly, today I have a great reason to celebrate because my first US Radio Show aired today.

I was so excited & happy to hear it playing on air I had tears of joy! (My partner joked, “I should toughen up” lol!) 

This leads me to the premise though that it would serve us all to celebrate each day regardless.

It is a gift to be alive at this incredible time of transition. You can choose to face it with fear & apprehension or you can choose to anticipate great global changes that will transform Humanity for the better, as we know it! 

If we were taught from a young age to love & accept who we are in the NOW moment.

We don’t need more money… to be a different weight or look… to be a different age or have a different car or house.

It all comes down to be happy in this PRESENT moment.

Unconditionally! To celebrate our living, breathing essence NOW!

When you really think deeply about what it is to be ALIVE?

OMG! What a stupendous miracle it is to be the spark of Divine Consciousness here on the earth right now.

You are beyond amazing!

Honour yourself!

I honour myself for all that I am!

I honour all that I have accomplished today!

It has been a challenging ride but today I cried tears of joy!


I am grateful!


Love & Light to all,



PS> If you would like to listen to a REPLAY of this Show it will be posted shortly here on “Medyhne in the Light” Radio Show