Starting in a few days & over the coming few weeks we are being asked at a HIGHER LEVEL to dig in deep & find inner reserves of GRACE to support ourselves & Humanity. My Guidance informed me to make this video TODAY… Embodying GRACE is THE highest frequency state you can hold. Energetically this state will impact so many people around you. It is above LOVE & GRATITUDE. What is GRACE for you? How can YOU embody this state?

It often starts with Self Love & Self Care… We are going into a very big TRANSITION period & now is the time to utilise all your inner gifts to stay CENTRED, LOVING & High Frequency. I thank you in advance for your Higher Spiritual abilities & resources being employed fully at this time. Do not be reactive or “triggered” at this time. Together we are POWERFUL. We are ONE! All is well.

Recommended Affirmation: I AM GRACE

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