This message is for anyone out there who knows they have an important reason for being here but has felt at times like they are ‘not achieving anything’ or even feel like giving up trying to do anything.

If that is YOU pls watch this message & also why you might be feeling this more right NOW & what is happening in the Month of May! 

Please listen to the end because that is where I share how when we are about to feel defeated or powerlessness something really special often happens to encourage us onwards. 

This happened to me in a very special way (which I share at the end)… so stay tuned for that motivational special sharing at the end.

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Much Hope, Love & Light to you all today…



PS. As I was downloading this I noticed the amazing Synchronicity that at 54% Uploaded it had 54 minutes left & it was 8.54am. 

Something (!!) told me to look up the Spiritual Meaning of 54 & it said exactly this…

“Angel Nos 54 is a message from your Angels that the ideas, thoughts & desires you have been experiencing are an indication that it is time to prioritise your life & make the necessary changes in order to align yourself with your Soul Mission & Life Purpose.”

I will Meditate further on this…

Here is EldoraRa Rose’s Video also on her May message of “Integrating The Ego”