I would love to support you on your pathway to a better life.
The work I do is very powerful that produces excellent & immediate results.
If you are committed to ‘WELLNESS’ & clearing life obstacles that are blocking you, finding your purpose & accelerating your health, relationships, abundance & spiritual growth then I can help!


I have opened a Wellness Space in Clunes, Victoria called “Freedom, Light Collective” where I can see people in person.
I also do home visits around the Central Goldfields region.
The majority of my global work is Online (Zoom, FB Messenger or Skype).

Here are just some of the life skills & empowering concepts you will work on in my sessions:

How to Meditate most effectively for you
How to optimise love in your heart & relationships
The best way to rise above major life challenges
Building Abundance (on all levels)
Connecting with Authentic Self & True purpose for being here
Profound Healing Practices
Maximising energy & physical health
How to release old trauma & emotional triggers
How to connect to your Higher Self
How to stay in present time
How to clear and empty the mental body to attain peace
Non-attachment in the areas where you have most attachment (a Higher principle)
and so much more…

As a result of this Coaching & Healing work people connect to their spiritual pathway, align with their purpose & heal relationships.
Ultimately my sessions will change your life profoundly and you will feel transformed.
Clients often tell me this work helps their lives better than any other modality they have tried.
It is a question of being committed to your own growth as a person & as a Soul.
What do you need to work on NOW?
* all enquiries welcome *
I also run Retreats and ran a booked out Womens’ Empowerment Retreat in Bali in 2017 with USA Media Identity Abiola Abrams.


*Discounts on this work available for low income earners – to make this work available for all.