“Empowerment, Knowledge & Divine Guidance”

“I loved my reading because it helped me to understand myself and my life better. Sometimes it is hard to see things clearly when you’re living it.
Highly recommended.
Thank you so much Medyhne.”

Lynn Davidson


Pick 3 Numbers & 1 Colour to receive your Personal Reading

Guiding Instructions are below ;

You will receive;

-a Divine Inspiration Card Reading based on your choice of 3 numbers (3 cards)
-a Colour reading based on your choice of 1 colour
-For a more comprehensive reading just include a paragraph on the main life issues you are working on & I will include comprehensive Holistic Coaching & Healing personalised guidance to help you with these issues
-You will also receive a personal Blessing/Healing as a gift from me

For an amazing $39 you can “Buy Now” via the Pay Pal button you will receive a Pay Pal notification of payment, then return to my website & you will see a Thank you page with the above questions to answer & return to me.
I will return your written personalised Divine Inspiration Card Reading (PDF) to you within 3 days.

All you will need to do is intuitively select 3 numbers between 1- 40 & you will receive a full report on 3 cards with information & guidance on how to use these cards to fully empower your life. Then select 1 colour from these: Brown, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Pink, Pale Blue, Blue, Indigo, Violet, White that you feel that you need at this time & I will explain the full meaning of this.

You can also receive a comprehensive Coaching & Healing written personalised Strategy Report (often worth a lot more when purchasing individual Coaching Sessions!) if you include your own sentence on the life issue or life goal you are wanting to overcome or master in your life right now.
This personalised PDF Report for you will give clear guidance on how to work with your life issues in a natural, Holistic providing invaluable skills, tools & resources.
Then you will receive all of this amazing offer within 3 days.

I sincerely hope these offerings bring you knowledge, upliftment, support & healing to allow you to move forward in your life with hope & inspiration.

May a multitude of angels surround and bless you on your journey…
Warmest Blessings

Medyhne X

(All enquiries emailed to: medyhne@medyhne.com )
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(Ps. Personal Satisfaction Guarantee – if you are not 100% satisfied with this product then I also offer a full refund for purchasing peace of mind!)

For $39 you receive a personal Divine Inspiration Card Reading of 3 Angel Cards (based on 3 numbers), a Colour Reading, a personalised Coaching Strategy (PDF) Report & the gift of a free distant Blessing/Healing by Medyhne