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“Medyhne Lebachen… is a beautiful person with a sweet, calming nature who has worked miracles with all my family.
Highly recommended.”

Nic Woods
July 2018


Pick 3 Numbers & 1 Colour to receive your Personal Reading

Guiding Instructions Below

You will receive within 3 days*

*A Divinely Inspired Card Reading based on the 3 numbers you have chosen. This will be a comprehensive PDF Report on the 3 major qualities you are being guided to work with in your life right now & how to work with them
*Colour reading based on your choice of 1 colour
*You will also receive a personal distant Healing & Blessing as a complimentary gift from me

For only $44 you can “Buy Now” via the Pay Pal button below & you will receive a Pay Pal notification of payment, then return to my website & you will see a Thank you page with the above questions to answer & return to me.
I will return your written personalised Divine Inspiration Card Reading (PDF) asap and within 3 days.

The instructions are to just intuitively select 3 numbers between 1- 40 & you will receive a full PDF report on your selection & comprehensive guidance on how to use this information to empower your life.
Also select 1 of these colours: Brown, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Pink, Pale Blue, Blue, Indigo, Violet or White which you feel guided to choose & I will explain the full meaning of this choice & how it can help you now.

I sincerely hope these offerings bring you knowledge, upliftment, support & healing to allow you to move forward in your life with hope & inspiration.

May a multitude of angels surround and bless you on your journey…
Warmest Blessings

Medyhne X

Email Medyhne: medyhne@medyhne.com

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*Personal Satisfaction Guarantee – If you are not 100% satisfied with this service then I also offer a full refund for purchasing peace of mind!

Great Value $44


You receive your own personal Divine Inspiration Card Reading of 3 Angel Cards (based on 3 numbers) in a detailed PDF Report, a Colour Reading, & the gift of a complimentary distant Healing from Medyhne