Medyhne offers Exclusive
Transformational Life Sessions



These sessions will help you unblock obstacles, gain clarity, support, motivate & formulate powerful strategies for achieving your goals. She works with a combination of gentle power and kindness to create huge progress in her clients life experience and spiritual growth. You are given skills and techniques to continue the work at home and build your own toolkit of resources to create your best life.

Medyhne has achieved outstanding results for all her clients, as stated in her extended list of Testimonials

The 4 Coaching Packages provide different levels of support & service for differing client needs.
These one-on-one personalised Coaching Packages are given Online via Skype, FaceTime or Zoom and are all 1 hr in duration. Every Package will include tools, techniques, talks &/or resources to further your personal empowerment, knowledge, understanding & growth, independently at home.

The Enhance Package is to focus on one or two major life issues providing life enhancement, healing and some ongoing skills & resources to work with the associated issue.

The Radiance Package is a one month Package to allow for more comprehensive teaching and healing to address more holistically the areas of self development a client is requiring.

The three month Majestic Package ensures a level of depth and knowledge being taught that will create a marked improvement in all of life’s areas utilising the skills & knowledge taught & personalised healing that is provided over this time period. You will form a level of self sufficiency with the work.

The most intensive 6 month Supreme Package will allow for a level of mastery in which you are able to truly utilise the information to impact all of life’s areas long term. You will develop inner awareness and a depth of skills to be able to flourish and work through a great range of whatever challenges life can purposely throw in our direction for our own learning.


3 Day Personalised & Intensive Life Makeover


For 3 days (8 hrs per day) I will design a personalised program to address everything you are wanting to work on in your life & work with you one-on-one to create profound transformation & results.

Following a preliminary Skype session to determine your life makeover needs I will formulate your own personalised 3 day program encompassing your physical, mental, emotional & spiritual aspects of life.
Then we will work together over 3 consecutive days utilising all my Coaching & Healing modalities to attain the most profound growth, shifting & healing within this time period, that is in Divine alignment & for your Highest good.

These individual packages are incredibly unique because I can come to your location and work with you in your home, an outdoors location (.ie beach or natural setting) or a local cafe if that is what you choose.
If you choose to book a package at a resort or holiday location then transport & accomodation costs for both parties, are additional expenses. There is very limited availability for these bookings (just so clients won’t be disappointed).
*The price per person is $1500 with a deposit of 10% ($150) to secure your booking.