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The group CSC is dedicated to uniting souls in a community forum.


We are entering a new paradigm where the individual is now being asked to let go of their separateness & “I” centric nature and join together in community with a spiritual heart, to create a better home for all. This site will discuss all uplifting topics relating to life in the world we live in such as; family, primary relationships, our Higher purpose & gratitude, with the intention to share & inform.

I encourage members to contribute as it is through sharing our innermost hopes for the world that we learn to connect & grow whilst honouring our unavoidable differences which make us so unique!


My vision is that all people are supported in their human experience, whatever their story. My hope is that every member finds skills, tools and resources, to empower and love themselves in this forum. Thereby transferring the gift of this love, knowledge and experience to themselves & the world.


Afterall, we are all one big human family.


Most people have similar hopes, goals and dreams to be happy and want to make a difference in the world somehow. We all want to love and be loved. If we start by more fully supporting one another then everyone will be served. This leads ultimately to serving all souls, including animals & nature, on this planet.


Please feel welcome to share this group with family & friends!


“I love your inspiration” ~ Dianne S Foley