Free “Activation” Gift – Click Here For Free PDF Image

I am offering this as an unconditional Free Gift.

If you feel it adds value to your life, your donation via my Sessions page PayPal donation button would be greatly appreciated.


When I posted this Artwork on Social Media I was blown away by the positive reaction. It was quite unexpected.


Some of the comments were:


“Wow, that’s awesome” – Rita Rekelle,¬†“I love this” – Sara Richardson, “That is amazing” – Evelyn Mason, “Stunning” – Elizabeth Cleveland Turner,


“I absolutely love this” – Lori Schultz, “So beautiful” – Liz, “Beautiful. A Masterpiece. It stimulates my goosebumps. Beautiful talent” – Kitsiso


Personally it also uplifts my Spirit BIGTIME & makes me feel happiness & joy.


It was then I started to realise that this image is an Soul Activator which works with you in the perfect way for you!


The combination of colour, Sacred Geometry, imagery & symbols bypasses language & speaks directly to the Soul, while raising energy, frequency & vibration.


I recommend you use it in a Meditation also & see what happens (feel welcome to share your feedback too!)


These people also commented about it’s power to do the above…


“Love It. AbSoulutely an Activator. There is so much within this. It is a gift you have. I love that you are sharing this Activation.”- Jeanna Mariee Aure


“Your painting is amazing. The more I look into your painting the feminine energy just radiates out & within for healing. People could Meditate on your painting for healing. So much beautiful Animal Kingdom energy also. Just thought I would share this with you.” –¬†Christina Bertram, Psychic, Medium & Healer


I am also offering my Online Sessions by donation on the Sessions page if that resonates.


You can also order an original Painting by me (where I tune into your energy) if inspired. Just send me a message to gain information on it.


I hope you gain great Activation, joy & whatever you benefit from, with this Activation image.


Much Love & Light