Retreat Participant Testimonials:

“I have just returned from this retreat and feel considerably lighter and calmer. We covered so many areas over the w/end: aromatherapy, self care practices, forgiveness, vision boards, gratitude, personal energies just to name a few. Medyhne was a terrific facilitator. Vivacious, fun and insightful.
🌈☀️ I strongly recommend.”

Leanne, Sep, 2019

“Telling peeps about ‘The Weekend’ wherever I get the chance! Had a thoroughly good time & hope to keep the connection…”

Paula, Sep, 2019


Past Life Reading & Healing Session Testimonial:

“Everything Medyhne said resonated with me and I felt myself feeling lighter and more confidant in my chosen path after my Past Life issues were cleared. As a side benefit, my frozen shoulder improved after the Session, and I felt better in general, more optimistic and was able to push ahead with making an important decision.”

Anon. Sep, 2019


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