These Exclusive Life Transformation Packages will help you unblock obstacles, gain healing, clarity & support which will motivate & teach powerful strategies for achieving your goals.


One~on~One” Personalised Packages are Online via Skype FaceTime or Zoom

Every Package includes tools, techniques, talks & resources to further your personal empowerment, knowledge, understanding & growth, independently at home.


Medyhne has achieved outstanding results for all her clients, as stated in her extended list of Testimonials


Enhanced Life Session

Single Session ~ You can choose an area to focus on in this Session or I can tune into your energy & pick up the major life areas to work on. Obviously, you cannot receive the deepest level of shifting & progress from one Session alone, however, it can be great to address life issues as they arise. So you can move forward in clarity & harmony in your life & keep on top of your life challenges. Where relevant, I can also provide you with audio tools or resources to continue working with at home.


Relationships Package

Healing A Problem Relationship/s ~ These Sessions will shift your inner experience of your relationships which then create important shifts on the external nature of the relationship. These 4 Sessions will allow you to find a place of peace & acceptance with challenging relationships. Furthermore, it will provide profound tools to continue working with relationships on the inner to increase unconditional love & resolution for all relationships. These are empowering sessions for anyone experiencing a difficult relationship with a loved one.


Work Purpose Package

Stepping Out Of An Unsatisfactory Work Life ~ Living Your Highest Purpose & Joy ~ If you are struggling or purely existing in your work life, doing a job that does not bring you fulfilment or joy, this is the Package you need. I will give you multiple techniques over the 4 Sessions to gain clarity on your Higher purpose, to align your energy with the right high vibration which magnetises your greatest reality & clears the energetic blocks which stop you from following your Soul’s true calling. Remembering that it is essential we fulfil our Highest Soul’s purpose while in this lifetime, as we contracted to do before we came in.


Inner Wellness Package

Clearing Depression ~ Anxiety, Emotional & Mental Disturbance ~ These 4 Sessions will provide you with multiple tools & resources to go inward & clear mindsets, attachments & belief systems which keep you in a downward spiral emotionally or mentally. You will learn how to work inwardly to raise your emotions & thoughts to a Higher frequency. For everything in our life is a reflection of our inner world & we can only create change through going inward and shifting & healing anything which does not serve us. These Sessions will create a huge difference in your perception of yourself & the world around you, so you can enjoy yourself & life, more than ever before.


Self Care ~ Self Love Course

Belinda Ann Baker, 2019

If you are tuning into the energies of 2019 you may be picking up the inner urgings to UPGRADE
every aspect of your life this year.
We are being asked to clear all old baggage & anything which no longer serves us.
We are being guided from within to ELEVATE every aspect of our lives in alignment with the shift that is happening in humanity & globally. Can you feel it?
It is extremely important that we do this inner work now because if we do not we will find it more challenging to integrate the major shifts that are happening around us.
The question is what are you doing NOW to upgrade all aspects of your life & your energy?
As Einstein & Tesla said “Everything is energy!”
This SELF CARE ~ SELF LOVE Course I am offering will give you a unique & timely opportunity to have a solid strategy to progress forward in 2019 with your inner growth & Soul evolution.
The ability to care & love for Self is an essential aspect of this planetary shift we are all feeling.
Therefore, I believe this Course is the perfect choice for the process we are all experiencing now.
I would love to support you on your path.
This 8 Week Course consists of 8 Online Coaching ~ Healing Sessions with Medyhne
(1 per week for 8 weeks) includes audio & written component.


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