Spirituality & Ascension

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Spirituality & Ascension


We are all Spiritual Beings & We are Ascending


This FB Group “Spirituality & Ascension” is dedicated to uniting Spiritual beings in a Community forum.

This site will discuss all topics relating to Spiritual life in the world we live in, LOVE & Ascension.
I fully encourage full contribution & involvement as it is through sharing our thoughts and lives that we learn, connect, grow & learn to honour one another’s differences.
We are all ONE consciousness.
Happy to share most posts as long as it is a positive contribution.

My Vision is that all people are supported in their Spiritual & Human experience, whatever their story.

Our Planet is experiencing huge Ascension & Transition now & I would like to provide a Social Media Forum to share our experiences abut this process.
How does being a Spiritual Being in a Physical Body feel for you?
How is this process of Planetary Evolution impacting you?.


Please join & feel welcome to share your journey in this inspirational group!



“Thank you for walking a path of love that shines a light on all who you pass along the way.”

~ Michael Teal

“I love your inspiration” ~ Dianne S Foley