Are you a parent who worries about their child?
Or are you a parent who just wants their child to excel and achieve their full potential?

Either way a Mentor for your child*/teenager can make a HUGE difference to your child’s overall well being in life. In a recent study (Leading Child/Teen Expert Michael Carr-Gregg noted) it was discovered that one significant adult Role Model was enough to make the difference between a child/teen who struggled and a child/teen who did well in life.

The Mentorship Academy has been set up to care, support and give trusted guidance to children and teens. It offers a powerful and regular support system, wise counsel and a friendly, mentoring atmosphere both online globally and in person (for Victorian country residents around the Ballarat region). This includes a unique flag system, in which children and teens can easily convey the level of need within the Mentorship system.


You can book your Child/Teen in for Mentoring for $50 per session (45 minutes) & 3 Month Mentoring Package $399 (at parent’s request a 1yr package is also available) and for families who are on a limited budget I don’t want you to miss this opportunity so I am offering as payment – so I am very happy to announce my Donation Only Mentoring Service so everyone can access this service!

This Academy offers Mentorship for Children/ Teenagers:
– to overcome life challenges
– to give emotional support
– to share Holistic Life Skills, wisdom & guidance
– to teach stress reduction, mind calming & relaxation Skills
– teaching Meditation & Visualisation skills
– to allow children/teens to achieve overall Well-being & be at their Highest potential
– Provide a significant adult role model for them to share & relate to

– Provide Mentoring, advice & encouragement in these life areas; Self Worth/ Self Esteem, Goal Setting in Life, Writing Skills, Painting & Artistic Pursuits, Music & Song-writing, Diet & Holistic Health, Mindset Skills, Spirituality Mentoring (Honouring Each Individual Path).
This work includes:-

-an Introductory Online Chat with Medyhne to determine mutual rapport & commitment to the Mentorship process
-participation in a Mentoring FB Group to interact & ask questions
-a Unique & clever Flag Email Communication System to identify at what level a child/ teen requires support
-Action Plans for parents identifying ways or ideas for further support of their child/teen
-Additional books, tools & resources provided such as Empowering Audios (mp3s)

Any questions please contact me at and give this amazing opportunity to your Child/Teen NOW!

*For children old enough to participate adequately online in the Mentoring process (this will vary according to child’s maturity level up to the age of 19 years). Successful applicants will be notified by congratulatory phone call to the Child/Teen applicant and Parent.

Working with Medyhne


For All – Relationships – Finances – Health – Work – Related Issues

“Medyhne is a beautiful soul who is here to help people get to the core of what is holding them back. Using her inner knowing and understandings she easily uncovers what it is that needs to be resolved & helps the process with healing & wisdom. Utilising her skills as a Life & Business Coach gives her the understanding to help heal the issue using techniques that most other Coaches don’t have access to. I would highly recommend Medyhne to anyone that wants to move forward in life & business.”
Carolyn King
Author * Public Speaker * Kinesiologist, Empowerkin Kiniesiology

This is the ultimate purchase for anyone desiring to improve their life in profound ways.

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