Does your life reflect the life you want to live?

Are you living the quality of life you had always dreamed?

Do you experience great quality relationships?

Are your finances providing a great quality of life for you?

Do obstacles, challenges or baggage hold you back?

Is your physical body strong, healthy & vibrant?

Are you inherently happy & living a life of ‘No regrets’?





This website is a doorway into the Life Transformation work of Medyhne Lebachen who utilises Holistic Wellness & Health Modalities, Divine Guidance, Spiritual Wisdom & Learnings to work on transforming your inner world that is not reflecting the external reality you would like to create.
Medyhne works globally Online with personalised Life Transformation Sessions that inspire glowing reviews from multiple Australian & International clients.
You can change anything in your life which no longer serves you.
The quality of your life is entirely in your power!
This is empowering & transformational work at the core level.


“Australian meditation and lifestyle guru Medyhne Lebachen”
Abiola Abrams
International Media Identity & Life Coach

“Medyhne Lebachen is one of the most inspiring souls you could ever hope to encounter.”
Steve Meyers
Freelance Artist/Musician/Radio Producer/Filmmaker/Teacher/Spiritual Medium, Soul2Soul

“This woman is absolutely amazing and I highly recommend her services to those seeking guidance & wanting to raise their vibrations. Please like & share. Thank you Medyhne Lebachen.”
Niki Z Noiz


Please visit my new Wellness Space called “Freedom Light Collective” that I have just opened located at 69 Fraser Street, Clunes, Victoria and discover all the wonderful individual sessions & group classes we offer.
Thank you for visiting my site. Please contact me with any enquiries 🙂


Love & Illumination Medyhne X