These Exclusive Life Transformation Sessions will help you unblock obstacles, gain healing, clarity & support which will motivate & teach powerful strategies for achieving your goals.


By Donation For A Limited Time Only

All Sessions are 30 minutes in duration & are offered on a donation basis. 

This is an unconditional from the heart service. To create a New Earth Paradigm. 

Donations can be a payment via the PayPal Donate button below or exchange of services.


One~on~One” Personalised Sessions are Online via Skype FaceTime or Zoom, Each Session includes Audio Tools, PDF’s, techniques & resources to further your personal empowerment, knowledge, understanding & growth, independently at home.


Medyhne has achieved outstanding results for all her clients

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This is THE defining moment for Humanity!

All the work I have been doing for the last 25 years has been leading up to this moment.

Everything I teach has been about empowering my Self & others to have inner skills & strength through all of life’s experiences.

My Higher gift is the ability to empower you to transmute fear, stay centred in love & develop strong inner abilities & resilience connecting to your inner Divine, unlimited potential.

NOW is the time when all these abilities are needed.

If you are feeling fear, confusion, fragmentation, negativity or any of the lower vibrational emotions at this time then you are not alone.

Many are feeling this…

However, you CAN shift this. 

You do not have to accept this as your permanent, inner truth. 

This is the time to view the global events of having to stay home & isolate yourself as an opportunity to go within & do this inner work now, to develop your core.

You also do not have to do this alone.

I am happy to work with you Online to be your guide toward a more empowered & Divinely connected YOU!

Knowing this huge, change making Event is upon us now with Quarantine Laws being enforced around the World & a complete restructuring of our lives in every way… we are being encouraged to finally gather our Spiritual Strength & gifts together. 

You can choose to view this as a grand opportunity to face your SELF.

We are on this planet to grow & evolve as ‘Spiritual’ Beings having a ‘Physical’ experience, not the other way round.

If ever there was a time to do this inner work I urge you to do it now, whether by yourself, with someone else, or with my Sessions.

You owe it to your be-you-till-full SELF!

This is the time where we can no longer avoid our own Evolution.

I can help anyone who requires this inner work providing they are open to inner growth.

I have purposely made my Sessions by donation so everyone can be able to access this work if they need it.

If this resonates with you I would be honoured to support you in this essential goal.

Love & Light




Life Session  

Session of your choice or I can tune into your energy & pick up the major life areas to work on without any prior knowledge. This will address your most pressing Life issues.


Quantum Timeline Session 

Learn how to work with your Quantum Consciousness Timeline to Co-create your best life in 2020. This Session will release old, outdated Paradigms & give you empowering Skills to work with the Energies of 2020.


Past Life Session  

A Past Life Session reads your past lives & how they impact on your Life now. In truth, there are no Past Lives as all time is simultaneous however for the purpose of understanding it from a linear timeframe, we call them ‘Past Lives’ here. It includes all the tools & resources to heal & transmute any aspects which have been holding you back, giving you great insight about your Life challenges now & how to move past them & gain resolution. People find these Sessions fascinating & so relevant in understanding themselves. 

“It has certainly helped me, on such a deeply profound level and I am grateful. Heartily recommend that you receive this gift for yourself. XO” 

Sarah, Nov 2019.


Relationships Session

As we create our own reality, all our relationships are an expression of our own inner Relationship with Self. Through a range of empowering tools, techniques & healings we do the inner work to shift, heal & resolve any Relationship Challenges. After all, it has been proven & studied that relationships are a very large part of our overall happiness in life.


Work Purpose Session

In 2020 it will be hard to maintain any energy where we are out of alignment. If you are working in a job that does not bring you satisfaction or joy, this Session is recommended for you. You are here to fulfil your Soul’s Mission in a way that no-one else can! Let me help you achieve this essential Life goal, which is one of the main reasons you have incarnated.


Inner Wellness Session 

Clearing Depression, Anxiety, Emotional & Mental Disturbance ~ This Session will provide you with multiple tools & resources to go inward & clear mindsets, attachments & belief systems which keep you in a downward spiral emotionally or mentally. It will provide Divine Healing & Clearing. You will learn how to work inwardly to raise your emotions & thoughts to a Higher frequency. These are crucial Life Skills for anyone to learn.


Self Love ~ Self Care Session 

Self Love ~ Self Care will give you Essential Life Skills to honour & understand what true Self Love & Self Care is. We cover Major Principles of Self Love & Major Components of Self Care which may surprise you. We formulate improved & personalised Life Strategies to prioritise this in your life now & open your heart to love of Self. 

Belinda Ann Baker, 2019


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