These Exclusive Life Transformation Sessions will help you unblock obstacles, gain healing, clarity & support which will motivate & teach powerful strategies for achieving your goals.


One~on~One” Personalised Sessions are Online via Skype FaceTime or Zoom

Each Session includes tools, techniques, talks & resources to further your personal empowerment, knowledge, understanding & growth, independently at home.


Medyhne has achieved outstanding results for all her clients

As stated in her extended list of Testimonials


Life Session ~ $111

Session of your choice or I can tune into your energy & pick up the major life areas to work on without any prior knowledge. This will address your most pressing Life issues.

In all my Sessions I will also provide you with additional & invaluable Audio Tools, PDF’s & Resources to continue working with at home. I am also available throughout your work with me for ongoing Support & Information whenever needed.


Quantum Timeline Session ~ $111

Learn how to work with your Quantum Consciousness Timeline to Co-create your best life in 2020. This Session will release old, outdated Paradigms & give you empowering Skills to work with the Energies of 2020.


Past Life Session ~ $111

A Past Life Session includes 3 Past Life Readings & how they impact on your Life now. It includes all the tools & resources to heal & transmute any aspects which have been holding you back, giving you great insight about your Life challenges now & how to move past them & gain resolution. People find these Sessions fascinating & so relevant in understanding themselves.

“It has certainly helped me, on such a deeply profound level and I am grateful. Heartily recommend that you receive this gift for yourself. XO”

Sarah, Nov 2019.


Relationships Session ~ $111

As we create our own reality, all our relationships are an expression of our own inner Relationship with Self. Through a range of empowering tools, techniques & healings we do the inner work to shift, heal & resolve any Relationship Challenges. After all, it has been proven & studied that relationships are a very large part of our overall happiness in life.


Work Purpose Session ~ $111

In 2020 it will be hard to maintain any energy where we are out of alignment. If you are working in a job that does not bring you satisfaction or joy, this Session is recommended for you. You are here to fulfil your Soul’s Mission in a way that no-one else can! Let me help you achieve this essential Life goal, which is one of the main reasons you have incarnated.


Inner Wellness Session ~ $111

Clearing Depression, Anxiety, Emotional & Mental Disturbance ~ This Session will provide you with multiple tools & resources to go inward & clear mindsets, attachments & belief systems which keep you in a downward spiral emotionally or mentally. It will provide Divine Healing & Clearing. You will learn how to work inwardly to raise your emotions & thoughts to a Higher frequency. These are crucial Life Skills for anyone to learn.


Self Love ~ Self Care Session ~ $111

Self Love ~ Self Care will give you Essential Life Skills to honour & understand what true Self Love & Self Care is. We cover Major Principles of Self Love & Major Components of Self Care which may surprise you. We formulate improved & personalised Life Strategies to prioritise this in your life now & open your heart to love of Self.

Belinda Ann Baker, 2019


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