Medyhne’s Original & Affordable Artwork

can be ordered as prints at sizes of your choice

or as inspirational design on various mediums such as

Gift Cards, T-shirts, Mugs, Scarfs, Cushions with or without Affirmations – see below

Please note: more Artwork is being added regularly 

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You can also choose an Affirmation to go with a design on a Print, Mug, Cushion, T-Shirt, Scarf, etc

You can choose an Affirmation below or Custom Order your own Affirmation (i.e. with your own name)


I am love/ joy/ peace/ calm/ abundance/ freedom/ kind/ Light/ grateful…
I love who I am
I love myself
I am unconditional love
I am the Love that I am
I am Mother Earth (ME)
I love you
I love you unconditionally
You are my Soulmate
I live my perfect life
I honour myself
Everyday I am more loving/ joyful/ peaceful/ calm…
I give myself a big hug everyday
I am a Master Manifestor
Together we are creating the perfect world
I co-create my perfect life/ world
I fulfil my Higher/ Divine Purpose with ease
I follow my Soul Purpose/Mission with ease
I love what I do
I love my life/ life
I bring joy/ peace/ love … to the world
I am unconditional Divine love
I bring unconditional Divine service to the world
Everyday my life gets better
I overflow with gratitude
I am grateful for my life
My heart overflows with love/ joy/ gratitude…
I am so grateful you are in my life
I am free to live the life I choose
I am Divine potential in action
I Shine
I Shine my full Light in the world
I love my Uniqueness
I am Innocence (Inner Sense)
I love the oceans/ forest/ trees/ dolphins/ humanity
I am the I am presence I am
I am thankful for everything
I have no regrets
I love to laugh
Everyday I bring kindness/ love /peace… into the world

Or create our own Custom Affirmation