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“This woman is absolutely amazing and I highly recommend her services to those seeking guidance & wanting to raise their vibrations. Please like & share. Thank you Medyhne Lebachen”

Niki Z Noiz


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Steve Meyers
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“Australian meditation and lifestyle guru Medyhne Lebachen”

Abiola Abrams
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“Thank you for the amazingly powerful healing Medyhne. Your kindness, compassion, creativity & spiritual talents are so needed in the world right now! xxxx”

Joanne Madeline Moore, Internationally Renowned Astrologer. Link here at Boho Astro  




Everyone experiences major life challenges. It is part of life. I’ve had many & ongoing challenges in this lifetime. One of the biggest for me was when my baby daughter Georgia passed away just before her birth in 1999. At the time, I had two young children who were very dependent on me, as their father had Bi~Polar Disorder & was already having difficulty coping before the death of Georgia. On top of this I was forced to muster every bone of resilience in my body to go through the profound experience of giving birth to a baby who was not alive. It was earth shattering & emotionally intense at the highest level! Smelling my baby who was no longer alive is a moment that will forever be etched in my cellular memory. I knew I had to gather all my inner strength & abilities to not only get myself through this but still be able to support others in my life who were depending on me.


I had previously been on the path of Spiritual awakening, learning & self growth through doing intensive work on myself & learning alternative healing modalities to work with others, this catapulted my growth to new unknown levels! Looking back on this experience which, in truth, my Soul had already pre~planned, were countless invaluable learnings & gifts, in the same way that it was also equally challenging. I utilised inner guidance, resources & every tool or technique I could remember going through this life experience. People in my life remarked how I was indomitable & strong throughout this period. They really noticed it. It was because I had the Spiritual knowledge, wisdom & learnings to support me through this incredibly testing time.


I now utilize all of this & so much more that I’ve learnt since then.

I love Spiritual Counselling & Mentoring

others through all of life’s complex situations. Synthesizing it all through my own filter of learning, Life & Soul experience to heal, guide, teach & serve others & in the creation of many

A Healing Course.

Over 24 years, I have worked with clients on every issue you can imagine. This work continually surprises me with it’s importance & the profound shifts forward it creates for my clients. Primarily, I give all thanks to the Divine for allowing me to bring forward these gifts as part of my service. I am very grateful to be doing this work from a base of love & Divine service. I really care about all the clients I work with & want to see them reach their greatest joy & optimal life.

Huge thanks to the incredible Aussie Filmmaker Darren Larkman


I wrote & recorded this song for Georgia with guitar by Zedinen.


Medyhne & Abiola’s

“Abundance Pray Love”

Bali Retreat 




Medyhne is a Mum of 3 older children. She is dedicated to her service of Holistic Coaching, Spiritual Healing & Mentoring. An Entrepreneurial Creative Spirit with two tertiary qualifications from Monash University, Clayton. A Bachelor Of Arts incorporating Psychology & Sociology & a Post Graduate Diploma. Her Sessions bring profound transformation with individual clients (adults & kids) group classes, workshops & International Retreats such as the “Abundance Pray Love” Bali Retreat with US Media Identity & Coach, Abiola Abrams in 2017


Medyhne has studied multiple Alternative Therapies. She is a Reiki Master, has a US Minister of Healing Qualification incorporating 3 Levels of Full Sensory Perception Healing, she has completed Meditation Teacher Training, Kinergetics ~ a form of Kinesiology & Energy Work plus multiple other fields such as Lightwork Healing. These all combine with her intuition & Divine guidance to bring a unique form of Healing & Holistic Life Coaching into the World


She pursues multiple creative endeavours from published Author of many books for Adults & Children, Community Radio Host, Internationally published Singer/Songwriter & Recording Artist with two Music Videos & an Animated Children’s Video


Her band “Sonic Remedy” website is here: www.sonicremedy.com


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